Lab Facility

  • Fitted with latest devices and experimental kits for better experimentation.
  • Meticulously designed to satisfy the inquisitiveness of young minds and putting into practice their theoretical learning.
  • Easy access to experimentation, exploration & research.
Computer Lab
The Institute has an air-conditioned Computer Lab for student. The lab holds 25 personal computers & 1 powerful server. Students may use the lab to do project work or research, generate print output, and to practice using software applications commonly found in the workplace. A internet connection is also available in Computer Lab. A lab monitor is available to assist students with computer related issues
Language Lab
There is a language lab in the college. It is based on the conception of personal development. The students would be taught and would be made to practice the correct pronunciation of Sanskrit, Hindi and English languages so as to improve their communication skills under the guidance of the language teacher.